Jewellery and Watch Insurance

Whatever your collection, whether a family heirloom, a unique selection of special edition watches or a safe full of diamonds, we can provide expert advice on how best to insure your luxury items. Working closely with insurers we can tailor an insurance solution specifically designed for you and your precious metals.

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    Insuring your valuable items

    Getting specialist jewellery and watch insurance cover can be difficult with standard insurance policies typically only covering modest values up to £5,000 per item or a total collection value of £30,000. They also often put onerous terms on items over £2,500 value. This can include cover only whilst the items are worn or in a locked safe and cover limited to the home only. So if you own any items over this limit a standard household insurance policy will no longer be adequate for your insurance needs. JMP can help you get the right cover for your most cherished possessions by providing a specialist high value household policy that includes cover for all of your jewellery and watches no matter the value.

    Jewellery and watches are often your most valuables assets and vulnerable to such incidents as theft, accidental damage and loss. It is therefore important that you have peace of mind that your valuables are covered when the worst happens. We work with specialist insurers who can provide warranty free cover ensuring your possessions are covered worldwide no matter what happens or where it happens.

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    Worldwide Cover

    This means cover is provides for all your jewellery and watches no matter where in the world they are so if you go on holiday you can be safe in the knowledge that any precious items you take with you are also covered.

    Single Article Limit

    There is no need to list every item of jewellery on your policy; we only need to specifically tell us about items with in excess of £10,000 or higher for some insurers.

    Items Kept in a Bank

    If you decide to keep some of your jewellery in a safety deposit our policies can still provide cover for these items at a discounted rate.

    Claims Choice

    Our insurers will always give you a choice when it comes to a claim, if you want your item replaced by your preferred jeweller or you would prefer a cash settlement so you can get a new piece we can arrange it for you. It is always your choice.

    Flexible Wearing

    If you have a larger collection of jewellery and only have a few items out of the safe at anyone time we can differentiate between the two, allowing you flexibility at a better price for you without the need to update us every time.


    We work with specialist insurers who look at all the facts before requiring security upgrades.

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