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Your Fine Art, Antiques and Collections make you and your home unique and whether they are inherited, gifted or bought for future investment, ensuring they are adequately protected requires a specialist policy.

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    Fine Art & Antique Theft

    In the UK alone it is estimated that art and antique theft stands at £3bn annually, according to The Met. With this in mind it is vital you get the right protection for your treasured possessions. A standard contents insurance policy can be inadequate for your valuable items this is why we only work with specialist in the high value insurance market.

    We at JMP Private Clients are experts in this field we will discuss and review your individual needs and provide a solution that best suits you. We will establish the nature and value of the pieces, their location, security, transit requirements and provide continued reviews to ensure you have the right policy for you now and in the future.

    Fine Art, antiques and collection policies are written on an agreed value basis, which means that the value is agreed upfront with the insurers so when it comes to a claim it is simple you will get the full value you insured the piece for. Because of this it is important to get the right value by having professional valuations completed. These should be updated every three to five years so that any changes in value can be adjusted on your insurance policy.

    We can recommend valuation companies who can assist with these professional valuations and provide ongoing reviews every few years to ensure these are always accurate.

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    Fine Art & Antiques Team

    We cover old masters and impressionists through to modern and contemporary pieces. If you have a collection of art, antiques or unique items call our specialist private client team today to discuss you requirements

    Key features of our Fine Art, Antiques and Collections insurance cover:

    We will arrange worldwide all risks cover for all of your collections, we can arrange cover on an agreed value basis ensuring your piece is covered for exactly what its worth.

    If someone makes a claim of ownership on a piece you invest in then you will be provided with legal support and defence costs. Provenance can be difficult to prove, and expensive to defend, should rightful ownership be challenged.

    If the artist of your piece dies the insurers will increase the sum insured of your art up to 100%. They will also pay any costs or expenses paid on works of art commissioned but incomplete at the time of an artists death.

    Insurers increase the amount insured (usually 25%) to cover items that you acquire so that you are covered with those impulse purchases until you notify us of the new addition.

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