Meet our Private Client Manager this International Women’s Day

With Friday marking International Women’s Day, we’ve asked our Private Client Insurance Manager, Danielle Williams, to share her insights, experiences, and advice for aspiring women in the industry.

With her extensive experience, Danielle recognises the importance of providing women with opportunities for career development and growth in the insurance industry. She believes seizing every opportunity to expand her knowledge has been a crucial part in her career progression since 2009.

Can you tell us about your background in insurance/ how did you find your way to becoming a Private Client Account handler?

Having worked in insurance for 14 years, I started in personal lines in a call centre in 2009, working my way up to a technical specialist and then a leader. When being made redundant, I was offered a role in high net worth. I have now spent the last 5 years in high net worth and branching out into commercial.

What is your role at JMP?

I specialise in tailoring insurance to individual’s needs. Here at JMP, I predominantly look after private clients (their home, motor and travel), being the Private Client Insurance Manager. I am also always on hand to support our trainee insurance advisor meaning I tend to assist with our personal lines and commercial clients as well as primarily focusing on high net worth.

What do you love about working in insurance?

The most rewarding aspect of my job is being able to help people and guide them in obtaining the best insurance coverage for their needs. It’s fulfilling to know that I can make a difference in our clients’ lives by providing them with peace of mind when life throws an unexpected curveball.

What do you love about working at JMP?

The variety in my role means no two days are the same. It’s a nice small company that allows for valuable connections with both clients and colleagues, meaning that your opinions and thoughts matter.

How do you foster strong relationships and ensure you provide a personalised approach to meet the unique needs of each client?

100% being honest with my clients, this helps build trust. I ensure I adopt a very customer centric approach to put my clients at the forefront of everything I do.

Is there a particular accomplishment you’re proud of in your career?

I think the achievement I am most proud of is working my way up to leader, it was gratifying to have my dedication recognised and appreciated. My experience in a leadership role is a huge part of why I am so passionate about supporting other members of the JMP team today.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of my role at JMP, I enjoy spending time with my husband, watching my two daughters play rugby, walking the dogs and going on holiday.

As a woman with 14 years’ experience in the industry, what do you think is crucial for the career development of other women in the insurance sector, today?

I think it is crucial for employers to offer employees opportunities to expand their knowledge not just in their role but within other insurance sectors. I’d therefore advise other women in insurance to take every opportunity that is offered, this will open doors and expand knowledge. Try new things and don’t be afraid and use the support you have around to grow.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to succeed in your role?

I always found that just taking what is being offered was really beneficial to me. I was often asked to go and work in other departments as support- this helped give me a wider understanding of the business and also meant I was able to meet other people that I wouldn’t of normally interacted with. This also then led to other opportunities throughout the business such as getting involved in project work which helps to break up the normal day-to-day.