Transit Insurance

If your business transports items on behalf of a third party, it is wise to get a dedicated Transit Insurance policy to protect you from any loss or damages caused while you are moving the goods from A to B. This type of insurance is vital if you operate as a courier or work in the haulage industry.

Transit insurance to cover all of your shipping and moving needs

This bespoke insurance sits separately from commercial vehicle or courier insurances, which typically covers the vehicles themselves. Goods in transit or Transit insurance covers the items being delivered within the vehicles while they are in your care.

There are several types of transit insurance designed to cover the different risks of any goods or equipment that you send or deliver, UK or worldwide.

We give added value to our clients by providing:

Cargo Insurance

At JMP, we can provide cover that insures you against theft and loss/damage for goods imported and exported during transit. This may be cargo imported from the Far East and exported to North America or imported and exported within the UK.

When you take out a cargo policy, you also have the option of covering goods while they are in storage at your premises or at a third-party location. If your business transports, imports or exports any type of equipment, stock, or goods this cover will provide comprehensive protection should the worst happen.

Goods in Transit

When you take out a JMP Goods in Transit policy you are covered for accidental damage for goods transported by road and rail within the UK. These items can include your own goods and materials for events or exhibitions, or they can be items which you have sold onto to your clients. Policies like this are underwritten using the value of each consignment and your estimated annual carryings, therefore is tailored to your exact requirements. You can also extend you policy to cover items sent by a third party courier or haulage firm.

Marine Cargo

Marine cargo insurance is designed for businesses that import or export goods by road, rail, sea or air. This insurance covers goods while in transit against loss or damage arising from risks associated with the navigation of the sea or air.

Due to the nature of the cover several parties may have an insurable interest at any one time and so often there will be multiple individuals protected under your policy. Individuals involved must have an interest in the insured items at the time of loss.

Stock Thoroughput

A Stock Throughput Policy insures a company’s goods throughout the supply chain, from production to final destination. From raw materials to works-in-progress to finished goods, a Stock Throughput Policy provides comprehensive protection for your products in the event of damage or catastrophe.

Why JMP?

Our team of experienced insurance specialists will be able to provide assistance and support in helping you select the most appropriate type of cover for you business operations, giving you peace of mind that you are protected in every eventuality.

Our Transit cover provides:

Fast Response

we can get your covered on the tightest deadlines

Competitive Premiums

through access to a wide panel of specially selected insurers

Financial Security

First class financial security from the insurers we select


Pro-active claims service from start to finish

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