High Value Household Insurance

We at JMP understand that when you own an expensive home, buy beautiful contents to complete it and collect art or valuables you need a higher level of cover to ensure all your possessions are protected. The “off-the-shelf” products are no longer suitable for your requirements. You need a full review service. We at JMP offer a personal concierge service. This means that we provide ongoing confidential reviews and provide tailored policies to meet these ever-changing needs.

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    Protecting what’s most valuable

    Your home is one of the most significant financial investments you will ever make. It is therefore important you get professional advice and guidance when you come to protect this asset.

    Our specialist private client team will do a full review of your insurance requirements and then recommend the most suitable policy for you.

    We can include cover for:

    • Listed Properties
    • Ultra-modern houses
    • Large estates
    • Houses undergoing renovations
    • Thatched properties

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    How High-Value Home Insurance protects you

    Tailored to your individual circumstances, high-value home insurance provides superior cover with a much wider scope than a standard household policy. This makes it ideal for more complex requirements.

    Bespoke buildings and contents insurance

    Including worldwide cover for contents & jewellery, whatever their value, and alternative accommodation equal to your own property.

    Wider scope of cover

    your high value home insurance policy can include second homes, holiday homes, rental properties, cars and yachts.

    Warranty-free policies

    if you forget to set your alarm or lock your door, you’ll still be covered.

    Higher single item limits

    you only have to specify items of jewellery that exceed £10,000 in value and pieces of fine art or antiques in excess of £15,000.

    Simplified claims process

    You can insure valuable items on an agreed value basis. This means there will be no settlement negotiations if you have to make a claim. You will always have the choice of how your claim is paid too.

    What is covered by a high net worth home insurance policy?

    Every home is unique therefore we believe that your high-value home insurance policy should be too. We will review your individual needs and build a bespoke policy for you. The covers you require will depend on the type of property you have, the value of contents you own, and the lifestyle you lead.

    Although every high-value home insurance policy is designed specifically for your needs they typically cover the following:

    This protects the property in the event of damage to any of your buildings. This includes external walls, swimming pools, and tennis courts. You should ensure that your sum insured represent the rebuilding cost of the property, not the market value.

    Following a survey, our insurers are also able to provide guaranteed cover*. Giving you peace of mind if the worst happens. If the cost to rebuild your property is more than you are insured for the insurers will pay the full cost anyway.

    Our insurers provide worldwide cover on all contents. Accidental damage and loss are also covered as standard so you are protected for all eventualities.

    In the event of a claim at your home, insurers will cover the costs of you living elsewhere whilst your property is put back into a habitable state. This includes you, your family, and domestic pets.

    Covers the costs for tracing the source of a water or oil leak and repair any damage caused by the search. This is covered up to your buildings sum insured with no limit.

    Personal Liability

    Covers any financial liability that you are personally responsible for, following damage to third party property or personal injury to others.

    Property Owners Liability

    Covers your responsibility as a property owner, if you are held as negligent following personal injury to others on your land or property.

    Domestic Employers Liability

    Covers your legal obligations to protect your domestic employees if they are injured during the course of their work for you.

    This is designed to provide legal support and protect your rights. It also covers the costs for legal defence if required.

    This provides assistance in the event of a cyber attack on you or your family. It includes investigation costs, reconfiguring, and rectifying any damage caused and restoring data if possible. You will also get defence assistance if you are accused of failing to secure or prevent unauthorised access to private data. Provides support and guidance on how to better protect your home system network following a loss.

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