Safes and why you need them

Insafe is a specialist security company based in the UK and are the preferred supplier to most of the UK’s leading insurers. Their Private Client & Insurance Liaison Service is designed to give you the very best. The best security, the best products, and the best service. They have put together a guide on what safes are available and why a safe might be the best option for you.

Whether you own a prized collection of watches, a family heirloom with high sentimental value, or a large selection of jewellery, if you keep valuables in your home your insurance company will encourage you to purchase a safe.

But why do you need a safe? And what should you consider when purchasing one?

At Insafe we believe safes are important and selecting the right safe is very important. A home safe is a great tool for keeping your valuables secure, but there are several factors to consider to ensure that you have the right level of protection and that your insurance is valid. 

Insafe is the preferred supplier to most of the UK’s leading insurers, including John Morgan Partnership, favoured for our exceptional service, products and prices.

All of our safes are approved by the AiS, The Association of Insurance Surveyors, a respected body of risk control experts working in the UK insurance market. Only safes that have been fully tested and certified by independent testing houses will gain an AiS certificate.

But even once you’ve selected a reputable safe company, like Insafe, there are still several factors to think about, below is a rundown of what your considerations should be when selecting a safe:

Cash Rating:
Safes are sold and listed according to their cash and valuables rating. This determines the level of cover guaranteed by the safe manufacturer and insurer. Jewellery/ valuables cover is always ten times the cash rating. Here at Insafe we offer the following ratings on our safes:

It might seem obvious but making sure that you buy the correct size safe for your home is very important. In home safes with high cash and valuables ratings, the safe walls are often very thick, this gives the illusion that the safe is bigger than it is. Make sure to check the internal size and that it meets your requirements. At Insafe you can either purchase our “standard” home safes or personalise your safe with additional shelves, locking systems and colour options.

If you have specific requirements and measurements, we can tailor make a safe for your home. We can build safes to your exact requirements, dimensions, colour and locking. And for those requiring that little bit more our Designer Safe range are made to meet your exacting standards, with bespoke styling options, finger-print locking, internal LED lighting, watch winders and so much more.

The weight of your safe is particularly important in you plan to install your safe upstairs or if you live in a multi-storey building. Whilst new safes are much lighter, they are still difficult to manoeuvre if installed in the incorrect location. Insafe offer free standard installation to ground floor locations on the majority of our home safes.

Our safe installations are carried out by qualified safe engineers to ensure they meet the requirements of your insurance company. All our home safes are insurer approved, so all we need do thereafter is make sure that your safe is installed to their specifications, in the event a claim is made.

If you have jewellery and watches at home and think that you could benefit from a security review then contact our specialist private client team today who will be happy to discuss your requirements and offer advice on the best course of action. To find out more about our Private Client team and service please click here.