In the Spotlight with Max: A Career Success Story

To celebrate careers week, we asked Max for some insights into his career journey and role at JMP so far. Max embarked on his insurance career with us at 18, as a trainee Personal Lines Account Handler, showcasing that determination is the ultimate key to success. The proof is in the client feedback that speaks volumes about Max’s commitment to service excellence.

What is your role at JMP?

I am a Trainee Insurance Broker/ Adviser, specifying in personal lines account handling.

What do you love about working in insurance?

My favourite part of working in insurance is the daily problem to solve, yes you heard that right! We face many problems daily as insurance brokers and frankly, the reason clients come to us is because they have a problem that they’re looking for a solution for. Working out these solutions brings an element of excitement to the business when you achieve a competitive quote and a happy client.

What do you love about working at JMP?

JMP is a lovely place to work with an interesting team of strong characters, this poses for good discussions and odd conversations amongst the office which makes the job that bit better. We are also very lucky to have a managing director who really cares for his employees and is very passionate about his business, which is so motivating to see.

What motivated you to pursue a career in insurance right after completing your A-levels?

Insurance is not something that is presented to you at school, although it is a great career for many people. I heard about the job role when discussing career choices in the barbers, another lad in there was an insurance broker and as he explained what he did it sounded quite interesting to me. My barber put me in touch with John Phillips, which led to work experience and now my job as an insurance broker. The thing to take from this is, never be nervous to have a conversation, they often lead you in directions you wouldn’t think you would take.

Coming from a background with no industry experience, how did you find the transition into your first office job at John Morgan Partnership?

The role I took on was a role in which ideally you would have 2-3 years of experience before starting, I had none! It was daunting at first but I was motivated to work hard and I was keen to learn. The first few weeks I spent all day reading slide after slide on the different elements of insurance but I was very eager to get started and onto the system. This led to a few mistakes, but I believe I learn best from finding out where I go wrong and then establishing how to do it right next time. JMP has given me the opportunity to sit my CII qualifications which has also helped me gain further knowledge in the industry.

As a trainee Personal Lines Account Handler, what aspects of your role have you found most challenging, and how have you overcome them?

What I have found the most challenging in my role so far is our current crisis causing a rise in premiums. I started my career in insurance when premiums started to skyrocket like we’ve never seen before, this made for many difficult conversations with clients as to why they are paying more this year compared to last. These premiums do not reflect the hard work I put into each quote however I overcome these circumstances by offering my advice to alter policies to reduce premiums and discuss if they have any additional cover they no longer require upon renewal.

Can you share a particularly memorable interaction that made you realise you were on the right path in your career?

The moment I started to realise I was excelling in my role was when our MD came to me and said I’ve had multiple people phone me to tell me how great you are doing and quote “don’t let your head get too big”, it’s always nice to know people think you are doing a good job.

Are there specific areas or roles you’re eager to explore within insurance as you progress?

I definitely do not see myself staying in personal lines insurance forever as I am eager to develop my knowledge of insurance specifically the commercial aspects and I would like to progress towards a commercial role.

How do you foster strong relationships with clients in the insurance industry, where trust and personalised service are paramount?

Trust is a huge aspect of insurance and it is important to be open and honest with clients, if I don’t know something I make them aware and discuss it further with colleagues and insurers to ensure I am providing the correct information. Communication is key- I ensure I do what I say and meet deadlines I have set as empty promises will lead to disappointed clients and a lack of trust.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Out of the office, I enjoy playing rugby and going to the gym, as well as cramming in as many holidays as I can!

Do you have any advice for someone looking to pursue a career in insurance?

Place the client’s needs first and put yourself in their shoes. Get to know them, their business, and most importantly their needs. Make sure they get what is necessary to them and help them understand what you are doing for them in the simplest way possible. Make the service personal.