Unoccupied Property Insurance: Explained

Are you struggling to find the right insurance coverage for your unoccupied property? We understand the challenges posed by the options available in the market, which is why we’ve crafted a solution aligned with your needs.


When is a Property Deemed ‘Unoccupied’?

Properties can be left unoccupied for various reasons, from undergoing renovations to estate administration or extended periods abroad. Regardless of the cause, we have policies designed to suit your specific requirements.


Specially Designed for Solicitors and Their Clients

Our Unoccupied Property Insurance offering is crafted with Solicitors and their clients in mind. From our extensive experience in the property market, we’ve identified and addressed the five main pain points in sourcing specialist insurance:

  • Restricted levels of cover
  • Lengthy and complex quotation processes
  • Lack of information about the property
  • Mandatory visitations and inspections
  • Lack of funds within the estate


Our Solution: Simplified, Comprehensive, and Affordable

Partnering with leading insurers, we’ve streamlined the process of obtaining unoccupied property insurance. Our solution offers full perils cover without the hassle of mandatory visitations or inspections, providing you with peace of mind knowing your property is fully protected and with only 6 simple questions via email, you’ll have instant cover for your property.


Key Benefits:

  • No mandatory visitations or inspections
  • Comprehensive coverage against all perils
  • Low monthly premium
  • Easy application process


Cover Includes:

  • Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Earthquake, and Aircraft
  • Storm, Flood, and Weight of Snow
  • Escape of Water or Oil
  • Subsidence
  • Accidental and Malicious Damage
  • Theft or Attempted Theft
  • Finding the Source of Leaks
  • Property Owners Liability


If you’re experiencing complexities with your insurances, don’t let it deter you from protecting your unoccupied property. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our Unoccupied Property Insurance offering!