Cookery Schools – Reviewing Your Insurance Post Lockdown

With the Government beginning to relax the UK lock-down measures hopefully soon cookery schools will be allowed to welcome students back to the kitchen.

We are sure that many of you will be hard at work preparing your premises to meet the “new normal” conditions ready for opening your doors to the public once again. In these times, amongst everything else to consider, looking at your insurance arrangements will probably be low on your list of priorities.

We here at JMP have been carrying out constant reviews of our client’s requirements to ensure that their cover is appropriate during the lock-down period. We have provided alternative solutions and ensured new activities are covered; we understand that many cookery schools have had to diversify both to help their local communities but also to ensure their business can continue post Covid-19.

Review your insurance cover

Whether you have changed your business to offer lock-down appropriate services or shut completely, have you checked your insurance policy? When was the last time you did a review of your insurance requirements? As a specialist cookery school insurance broker we have an expert team who can discuss your business and find a solution that’s right for you.

We look at:

  • Staff numbers and wages – have you furloughed staff? Reductions in wages should be declared to insurers.
  • Turnover – has this changed? Most insurance policies rate the premium on your turnover if this has reduced you could make a saving on your insurance premiums.
  • Premises – Have you had to lock the door and leave your business? Have you declared your premises unoccupied to your insurer?
  • Class sizes – have you reviewed what you are going to do once you can reopen? Are you going to have reduced class sizes to allow for the social distancing requirements?
  • Accommodation – If this is offered will this meet the new safety requirements?
  • Contents/equipment/stock – have you looked at how much cover your business needs?

In recent months we have helped a number of cookery schools get a saving on their insurances but have also provided a fully comprehensive policy, ensuring that they have the right cover for the business that they have. If you need to review your cover or just want to talk about what you should be thinking about during the reopening process please contact our specialist team today. We will carry out a free review of your policy coverage so that you can avoid potentially overpaying and ensure your business is adequately insured.

If you want to hear more about our cookery school insurance or to arrange a review call with one of our team please head to a dedicated cookery school page.