Meet our Marketing Executive during Apprenticeship Week

At JMP, our Marketing Apprentice, Hallie Mant is the brains behind our social media, events and marketing. Find out more about Hallie and her role at JMP today.

What is your role at JMP?

I do all of our social media, digital and event marketing here at JMP. My day-to-day consists of content creation, developing the website, organising or attending events, and developing both new and existing relationships within JMP.

What do you love about your job?

I think marketing is such an interesting industry in the sense it is always changing and developing and it means my work varies significantly from day to day. What ‘works’ this year will more than likely greatly differ from what works the next. Marketing allows me to use my creativity even in the insurance industry, no matter how different the two seem.

What do you love about working at JMP?

Working at JMP is a pleasure, our team is very close-knit and our company values are so strong. I was worried about taking the plunge straight from school to a working environment but the team made me feel so welcome and I knew I’d made the right decision from the get-go. Through everything, we ensure that client relationship is maintained and I think that is something so unique today so I always try and find ways to emphasise this through everything I do within our marketing.

What motivated you to pursue a marketing apprenticeship?

Before starting at JMP I ran my own catering business and organically gained 4,000 followers across my social media platforms. Some days I would bake 500 cupcakes a day and although I loved doing so, what I really enjoyed was meeting people, building my online presence and creating content which naturally led me to want to pursue this passion for marketing as a career. The apprenticeship route provided me the opportunity to elevate my marketing journey at 16 which I don’t believe I could have done to the same degree at school.

In the dynamic field of insurance, how do you approach developing content for the industry, considering its complexity and varied audience?

I always stay up to date on the latest marketing trends as well as what is going on in the insurance world to find gaps in the industry that we can tap into. Social media plays a significant role in marketing and therefore, I am always finding ways to navigate ethical considerations in marketing, especially in an industry like insurance where trust is paramount. In a world where we spend a lot of time online, being honest educators of the industry and addressing client fears or misconceptions is the primary message behind all of the content I create.

As a marketing apprentice, what challenges have you faced so far in the insurance sector, and how have you overcome them?

Originally I struggled with insurance being something I didn’t know a great deal about. I overcame this by doing lots of research and naturally, the longer I spend at JMP, being part of the conversations in the office, I learn more about insurance every day.

As an apprentice, what advice would you give to others looking to succeed in a career in marketing?

Stay creative and start saying yes. Take every opportunity you can to learn and put 100% into it. The more you say yes, the more knowledge you have to thrive and apply these experiences to challenges you may come across.